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Green Carpeting

One of the most common choices for green flooring is carpet. If you have been avoiding traditional carpeting due to the smell of VOC’s and chemicals, then you will love being able to experience the look and feel of a green carpet. Eco-friendly Wool carpeting is extremely similar to traditional carpeting, but does not require the use of added chemicals. Plus, wool is naturally sustainable, making it a perfect choice for eco-friendly flooring. There are also many other options for green flooring that use naturally sustainable materials. Abaca flooring, as well as green flooring made from paper twine, hemp, sisal, and sea grass, offers the look of carpet without the worry of a chemical residue.

Why choose carpet?

The benefits of carpet are wall-to-wall.
Think of your inspired choice in carpet as the canvas on which to show off the rest of your home’s design elements. Walls, window treatments, furniture, even artwork can pull visual cues from the carpet you choose as your home’s design foundation. And with today’s stain- and wear-resistant carpets, it’s styling you can count on for years to come.

Carpet is strong.

Carpet stands up to foot traffic and resists life’s spills like never before. So, there’s no reason to put off buying new carpet because you have small children or pets. The carpet you buy today is going to keep you smiling in the future.

Carpet is soft.

Today’s carpet manufacturers have your lifestyle in mind, which is why they’re developing the softest, most foot-friendly carpets ever. Advances in fiber, weave and backing technologies have resulted in carpet that brings both durability and refinement to any room.

Carpet offers exceptional advantages, including:

  • Comfort – Nothing beats the softness of carpet flooring.
  • Durability – Quality carpets with the right care can last for many years.
  • Variety – With its large selection of colors, textures and patterns, carpeting can be tailored to complement any décor.
  • Safety – As a non-slick surface, carpet flooring puts safety first.
  • Noise reduction – Carpet reduces echoes and noise to lower levels of the home.